What Has Changed Since I Turned 30


I am one of those who still feel that 2000 was only 11 years ago but time flies at a pace much higher than we expect and wish. Getting into terms to the fact that 2000 is 21 years ago is a difficult and heart wrenching task. That simple fact will force you to realize that you are 11 years older than you would want to. I am not at silver jubilee anymore but added the number of players in a cricket team to it. Turning 10, 20 or even 30 did not make any difference to me, but the introspection of some of my habits and impulsive reactions made me realize the attitudinal changes in the last 2-3 years.

Turning 30 is a big deal in USA, at least according to the episode “The One They All Turn 30” in the blockbuster sitcom, Friends. But it is just another birthday in India. As I enter the late thirties, I realized things do change both physically and mentally after 30s.

I was short-tempered, my anger levels always used to be on the upper side. Many might not have got a chance to see this part of me. Some of my friends who faced the heat by being on the receiving end will surely vouch for this. I cannot label this as impulsive or involuntary or an age-related change, I deliberately tried to calm down myself as I realized the consequences of expressing anger. I still find instances where I am about to burst out, but the frequency has come down by a huge percentage. On the flip side, there are instances where I am supposed to be assertive, but not being so 😊

Helping others financially has always been on top of my mind since my graduation. The imagination was more around supporting someone or a cause by creating a project like plan when I start earning. The outcome of the support must change someone’s life is what I used to think. Generosity increases its speed once a person crosses 60 is what I read somewhere. It seems to have advanced by 30 years in my case. In the past 4-5 years, the concern about helping in a structured manner to make a bigger impact has vanished. Just help, is what my mind and heart say. Even if is just giving extra amount to the house maid, go for it without a second thought. It gives immense satisfaction. A knee-jerk reaction in financially helping someone in trouble is what has been happening. If I know about someone who needs help, I along with my friends, have been trying hard to help them in some way. The amount I limit myself in a year is very small compared to the contributions by many across the world. But that amount is being used without much planning. Also, giving Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 to an old or physically challenged beggar has become very common these days.

I don’t think there is major time gap since my childhood when I did not dedicate time to play some physically engaging game or a sport. Whether it is cricket or racquet ball or table tennis, I always ensure to allocate time to keep myself active. Focus on health has two parts to it, one is physical activity and two is diet control. I missed the later one till 3-4 years ago, I used to say, “people eat to live but I live to eat”. My friends at Nalanda Junior college and at Clemson University can detail out how we used to eat. The immense pleasure I found by being on the right weight has made me an ardent follower of proper diet and a structured and scheduled physical activity.  Whether it is Yoga or Table Tennis, or Walking I am determined to maintain the consistency. I can’t say I am at my ideal weight, like a hero in movies, but on the other hand I am not overweight. I am at a healthy weight, maintaining this throughout my life is what I am focused at. Sometimes I regret not realizing the importance of controlled diet during my 20s.

Reacting to news, especially related to politics is a common sight in India. The reactions don’t involve any movement towards changing the situation but more limited to delivering a long harangue during roadside discussions. I used to be on top of it with an emotional aggression backed up imagination to turn things around. Last few years made me realize, the change that I imagine is massive and revolutionary. Such movements don’t occur often, if it occurs, the ignition must be totally unplanned. At a higher level, I understood that there is hardly anything that can be done by reacting too much to the negativity happening and imaginary negativity being spread by media. Considering my health and mood, I am keeping myself away from such negativity.

From a career standpoint, fickleness is a common issue for many at the start of their careers. Should I choose a good company? Should I opt for a job that offer a high financial package? Should I opt for a better job profile? Should I change the job in two years or three years for higher package? Many such questions related to package, location, company, and job role keep haunting. These seem to have subsided in the last few years. It might be purely because of the number of years of experience I gained going through various job roles and companies. The decision making is relatively less difficult. I personally feel, mid-thirties are also the time to think of what qualifications you can add to the resume to increase the value.

Not bargaining with street vendors, sticking to my own priorities in life and not leaving the habit of reading books are some other changes that happened recently.

Most of the points mentioned above are towards positive side, there might be many other negative or not so good traits in me which need to be turned around. Keep exploring!!


  1. Nice.....drastic realisation unknowingly entered immediately after I turned down to fifty, my thought processing is i.e.professional satisfaction already I reached, children already I served a lot, so remaining ten active years I have to live quality of life by making necessary changes in food, reading atleast some general books, feeling every second is very valuable, every morning I feel more happy for seeing such a sun rise and almost addicted to yoga

    1. Thank You! Good that you are addicted to yoga. Recently, even I realized that Yoga is addictive.

  2. I felt personally what you mentioned above is like to be ours . May be similarity in age so same changes but in different platform. Still i enjoyed

  3. Nicely drafted Neel. I just feel like I’m in your shoes..


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