The Story of a Needy Grandmother

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Giving back to the society has been in thoughts since long, it also has taken shape many times in the past. All those were pretty much random and impulsive acts. But a year ago, I along with two of my friends thought of enforcing a process to help people in needy. I should say this was engendered by taking a leaf from what people like Bill Gates and Sudha Murthy have been doing since long. Whenever we feel that we have some extra money we would deposit in a bank account, the amount collected by the end of a calendar year has to be given to someone in needy.

We have started this last year and were able to collect decent amount and were waiting to find someone who we feel is in need. During this exploration, an article published in Eenadu newspaper caught my attention. 

This is the story, sorry real life tragedy of a child named Saatwik. He is  a mentally and physically differently-abled child who lost his father some years ago, his mother choose to not to look after him and left him with his paternal grand parents. His grand parents have been taking care of him and providing medical support with whatever money from the government scheme for differently-abled. I am sure that won't be more than Rs.2000-3000 per month. His grand-father who has been his major moral support to the three person family lost his life 6 months ago and the responsibility of this child has completely occupied the grand mother's life. His grand mother is not even enroled in state government's old age pension scheme. They live in Racharla Boppapur, a village in Rajanna Sircilla district in Telangana state. 

I was very moved by his story and felt very sorry for him and his grand mother. Thought this should be the destination of whatever money we have collected. It always feels satisfactory when your help reaches the needy without anyone's involvement. So I decided to visit Racharla Boppapur, which is around 140 kilometers away from Hyderabad. 

We went to Boppapur village which is almost and extension of Yellareddypet located in Rajanna Sircilla district on 26 Jan 2021. Very little effort was required to find their home as everyone in the village is aware of the family which is going through a difficult time to survive. They live in a small house with two little rooms, Saatwik was sleeping when we were there. Spoke to their neighbours in the process and everyone  readily advocated our idea to help them. I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw their condition and immediately handed over the cash to her. My wife cried when she saw Saatwik's grand mother crying for the help she received. I felt the support we provided is minuscule compared to what they actually need. 

So I called the grand mother today to check if they have a bank account where anyone willing to help can deposit whatever amount they could. I would request every reader to consider helping them.

Here are the details

  • Bank: Indian Overseas Bank

  • Name: Eraboina Yellavva

  • Account Number: 071701000006436

  • IFSC: IOBA0000717


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