Postman by Profession, Greatman by Attitude

D Sivan Postman Who Walked 15 kms
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Whether it is personal or professional life, baby boomers are standing tall as a personification of patience. Unimaginable pace of life has eliminated the word walking from the dictionary of life for many people. But a postman relied on the same mode of transport to fulfill his job responsibilities for a period of 35 years. D.Sivan, a post man by profession, walked 15 kilometers every day to deliver letters and pensions to the plantation workers who live in nearby areas. Applause from various corners for his impeccable service has made his contributions recognized by a wider audience on the day of his retirement.

It would be very ambitious to expect roads or even a proper pathway in the 15 kilometers stretch that he has to travel every day. Rail tracks, mountains and even a dense forest welcome him every day.  One needs utmost respect for their profession and great tenacity to face those uneven and dangerous terrains day after day. He used to create his own path aniticipating the possible attacks from the resident wildlife of the forest. 

His experience has helped him develop an awareness of the land. He knew what kind of animals he would encounter at various points of his journey. There are two tunnels, each of 2 kilometers stretch, he had to cross. Wild elephants choose those tunnels as rest area during summers. He was greeted by a bear everyday in the afternoon at a tree where he stops to have a fruit. It never hurt him as it got used to his presence.There were times he was chased by wild animals, but none of those incidents stopped him from performing his duties. 

Most of the people to whom he has to deliver letters work in tea and coffee estates, so it is hard to find them home during working hours. He tracks them down at the estates and ensures the letters or pensions reach them. Once, he took a bus to Coimbatore to deliver old-age pension to a lady who was getting treated at a government hospital. He could do that just because he understands the pain and the need.

Many of us feel depressed with the salary we draw and less increments we receive, feels dissatisfied when there is no variety in the job and feel frustrated when we don't get promotions on time and feel tired when we don't find proper transport on time. But all these were minusculed by the self satisfaction he gained by fulfilling his responsibilities as a postman. Lot of lessons to draw from this greatman, great honour to the postal department to have someone like him assist them to serve the citizens. Salute to you sir!


  1. Very good and inspiring story, it actually makes us understand the loyalty and commitment towards our profession.


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