Silver Lining on Corona Cloud

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Corona, a word that has changed the course of not just a state or a country but the entire world. A disease-transmitting from human to human, citizens not stepping out of their homes and politicians working day and night. Great countries giving up their fight against a tiny virus. It doesn't take much time to realize that we are not watching a fictional Hollywood movie, but looking at the world around us. Learnings from other countries and a presumed debility to handle such a heart-breaking situation made the Indian government be proactive in taking appropriate measures. The central government and all the state governments deserve resounding applause for being on their toes during such a critical situation.

Straight on the face numbers on corona cases and deaths by 24/7 media shadows the positives and lessons that we can take once the dust settles. So I choose to look at what can be considered as the silver lining on the corona cloud.

World Leaders:
We have the biggest companies in the world, we are the richest and we have the largest fleet of warships. All these statements counted for nothing against nature. Corona is on a rampage in a country that believed that the world has to dance to their tunes. Many believed it as an epitome for realizing dreams and immense opportunities. But a small virus and poor decision making has modified it to the land of trouble, struggle and restlessness. The world leader has been witnessing people fighting for toilet paper and above all looting supermarkets. Not just in the USA, the virus has highlighted the loopholes in the health care and political systems of many rich countries. It has taught us the importance of investing in developing the health care system and research related to it rather than on the defense or entertainment. Nature once in a while has to make us realize that no one is above it. Else, our arrogance will ruin the god gifted planet to the core and look out for other planets. We destroyed nature's creation to such an extent, we didn't even think twice to slow down the rotation of the earth. Can't believe it? Refer the link:

The president of Ghana said, "we know how to bring the economy back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life". A small and simple statement which highlighted the priority at this crucial situation. Presidents of world-leading countries couldn't realize that.

Rat Race: Before returning to India, one of my friends Dr. Srikanth told me "we humans, knowingly or unknowingly get into a rat race once we start our careers. Be conscious enough not to get into that race." I am fortunate enough not to get into that race, but I have become a silent spectator of that race. I have been silently shouting out at the rats to say that they are running a race where all their goals are different. The much-needed break backed up by the lockdown should help them realize what they are running doesn't make life full. All the buildings, cars and the devices we own, our financial status, our social status come for nothing when death stalks us. Princess of Spain and the Prime Minister of the UK are typical examples.

When a deadly virus like corona knocks the doors our eyes keep searching for the people around us not for the materialistic possessions that we have madly run for.

Nothing is Impossible: Air Quality Index occupies the headlines during the last two months of the year. Delhi gets highlighted at that time for all the wrong reasons. Government mulls over what needs to be done in order to reduce pollution. Now, all the vehicles in the country are restricted to the garages which gave a chance to the air to get refreshed. This is a solution which no one would have ever thought of. Isn't it good if we have lockdown once in six months? We have been sincerely following lockdown to save our lives, can't we do it to save our mother nature? Our struggle to find the possibility of life on other planets can be ceased if we can just save our own planet and make it a beautiful place to live.

Many of us perceive that most of the politicians can't work, but they proved it wrong. It is amazing to see such solidarity among the whole government to reduce the loss due to the virus. This kind of effort continued further will change the face of the country.

Governments invest a lot on statues, not just for unity but also to satisfy their egos. The same politicians bolster fraud business leaders deceive banks by defaulting loans. The list goes endless if we start talking about bad investments in our country. This virus is an eye-opener that provided enough reasoning for us to allocate more budgets towards health care. It would always be worth compared to a loss-making airline or a fraud organization. A small country, Cuba stood tall as an example of how to revamp the health care system. A leader who survived 634 assassinations attempts made it resoundingly clear how critical the health care system to a country. All the medical staff from that country have been sent to other countries to help COVID-19 patients. The country and the leader who made it happen Late. Fidel Castro deserve huge appreciation.


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