Perseverance for Ever Lasting Results

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I am a person who always believe in perseverance and process for long term and healthy outcome of anything,  whether it is learning, relations or eating for that matter.  Everything in this world need to be given sometime for itself and nurture so that the end result won’t be ephemeral. One needs patience to have fruitful and long term results and should not settle for instant gratification, which have the power of letting things go terribly wrong. In one of his speeches, Rahul Dravid mentions about Chinese Bamboo tree, this tree takes 5 years and 3 months to grow to its full height of 80 feet. But in the first 5 years, you can only see a tiny shoot coming out. In the next 90 days it grows at a blistering pace, one could actually see the tree growing. Similarly, one has to give time to everything to see massive and healthy results. I feel some of the stuff in this generation are being hastened because of which they are losing their purpose.

Many of you must be aware of usage of pesticides to ripen the fruits. A fruit needs its own time to ripen, but some vendors are relying on easy methods to ripen the fruits to increase the financial gains in less time. A naturally ripen fruit provides the benefits it ought to, using artificial methods such as facilitating the process of ripening using chemicals is hurting the health of the consumer. People eat fruits to relish the taste and obtain the health benefits, most of the fruits that are available in market today look great and mouth-watering but has no taste and cannot provide the benefits any more just because of the pesticides used. The short-cut that is taken to speed up things is damaging the real purpose.

Broaching a discussion about teaching in schools and colleges in this context is something that most parents get excited about. Students secure ranks by studying well, they have to work hard some months/years in order to secure those ranks. But now things have gone other way around, many colleges just to boast about their student securing ranks and to make money by leveraging those numbers, are relying on short-cut methods to secure ranks. This in turn is effecting the mental condition of the student by throwing them in to a perception that ranks are everything. Practice is the core in learning anything, but these colleges are not providing enough time for that practice and are relying on short-cuts or teaching only the topics/questions which might appear in the examinations.

Relations are the most important aspect where things have to be dealt with utmost care. Because, if things don’t go in the way one has anticipated it would be very stressful and difficult to put them back on track. When we were in school we never had thoughts about how close a friend is or if he/she is going to stay with us forever. We just become best friends through the time and that time is not just a month or two. It usually takes years for people to understand each other and feel the trust on each other. I cannot quote the reasons why it is so, but I am coming across a lot of people these days who just think they are close to some person just in a matter of months. As far as I am aware of, you need to give some years of time for any relation to get to a stage where they feel confident about each other. Due to the uninterrupted flow of chatting between people facilitated by the ferocious competition among the telecom operators, people started feeling that they know each other very well. More importantly, they are lacking the thought that chatting cannot build friendships. To say in the context of the bamboo tree, people feel that the tree has already grown when it is not because they didn’t give it enough time to grow. If people think that the relationship has been built between both without it actually happening that relation will surely take no time to break.


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