A Mystery By Name Kamal Hassan

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I wanted to write this blog since the time I watched the Uttama Villain audio launch but somehow I kept rescheduling it from time to time.  I am actually fine with the rescheduling because just as the person in the blog the topic is always fresh.

I am sure most of the viewers,while watching the audio function, found it abstruse how someone like Kamal Hassan can be so humble and down to earth. Usually in any field if you have a couple of successes in your pocket, arrogance and head weight creeps in no time. But here we have a person who has great command in all the aspects of the film and still looks like a student excited to learn his first lesson. No success is unknown to him but his tenacity to perform better even at 60 is evident in his films. I believe this is what has made him one of the most respected actors, not stars, in India. I have to be very careful with the usage of words actor and star while writing about Kamal Hassan. Because there are many actors who have become stars overtime, but Kamal is the only one who was an actor, is an actor and will be an actor always.

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I don’t remember the first film of Kamal Hassan I watched, but I am an ardent fan of Sagara Sangamam, Nayakudu and Swathi Mutyam. The plots and the characters he played are very different but still he did maximum justice to each of the movies and helped them get listed among the best movies in the history of Indian cinema. One movie is about a dancer whose believes in the value of art and doesn't compromise morally to enter the commercial world, the other movie is about a boy who comes to Mumbai at a very young age and becomes a demigod for the people around him and the third one is about an autistic person. Not just these three, take any of his  movies Bharateeyudu, Maro Charitra, Aakali Rajyam, Panchatantram or Bhamane Satyabhamane, all these are excellent movies in which Kamal, as always, came up with mind boggling performances.

There were not many people who took the movie Viswaroopam seriously, I watched it and I felt that Kamal is not just an actor, but also a brilliant director. If you watch the movie you will understand the amount of work involved in handling such a sensitive issue without crossing any boundaries.  It was so sad that Kamal had to fight to get such an excellent movie out of a politically motivated controversy. Except Rajinikanth, no one from the film fraternity came forward to support him. Though the movie received good collections I feel it deserves much more than that.

The kind of efforts he puts into every aspect of a film is incredible and no plaudits are enough to say about his acting skills. I don’t know how many people from my generation or the previous generation understand the difference between stars and actors and recognize the value of actors. But for me Kamal Hassan is the standard with which excellence in acting can be measured.


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