Chain Reaction in Election Campaigning 2014

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 Have you ever imagined that one day social media will affect car sales? If you have, it must be about the reviews that you find on social media channels, which have lot of impact on car sales in the last 2-3 years. But what I am talking here is totally different from the impact of reviews.

At present, in India one topic seems to be ubiquitous i.e., General Elections 2014. Every political party is desperately trying to woo the voters and get the majority of the seats. Public is getting bored by the harangue delivered by the “so-called” leaders. During the last elections candidates used the door to door campaigning predominantly. When you do the door to door campaigning you need a big team which has to travel with you to every place you go. This makes parties buy SUVs like Scorpio, Bolero, Innova and Fortuner etc, during the elections.

But things have changed a lot in the last 5 years; technology is being put at the center of everything. And, the same technology is playing a big role in elections 2014. Political candidates are using social media to reach voters in a big way. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are the most used social media channels for these elections. Using these channels is helping candidates reduce the amount of door to door campaign that they have to do. When I thought of this I wondered how many more fields the social media would have affected.


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