Bangalore ITE.Biz 2013

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This is one of the best events I have attended in the recent times. Though, the event covers topics which are more related to IT, I have chosen to attend that on the second day as most of the topics are related to Digital Analytics.

The day has started with a panel discussion on e-Governance and how states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana are leveraging technology to provide better quality of life for the people in those states. The panel has Secretaries(IAS cadre) of Department of Information Technology from different states. You always hear great people saying "we have to be very optimistic about the future" "leaders are the one who have positive attitude towards life", I actually saw these qualities in government servants(IAS officers) who are tenacious to see a positive change in their states. Those IAS officers are very confident about the models they are working on and are very optimistic about the future of India. Sanjay Jaju (Andhra Pradesh) and Vivek Atray (Haryana) have provided great details on the models they are working on and the way they envision the role technology for the development of the country.

After the panel discussion we have had two sessions covering different aspects of Digital Analytics and the impact it's going to have in the next 2-3 years. All the panelists have mentioned that "Data Analyst" is the next poster boy of the Indian market. These sessions made people understand how big companies look at the future and how they decide about the models they have to focus on. There are companies like Bosch and Target which are able to see 15 years ahead of time.


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