Link Building, does that still work?

Link Building in SEO

Creating and maintaining an effective website that attracts quality traffic is no mean task. For this, link building is a critical activity. It refers to the process of establishing relevant inbound links to a   website. This helps your website achieve better SEO ranking, which will in turn drive organic traffic to your website.In the new age of business, this becomes supremely important.

In the initial days, link building played a very important role in getting traffic to a website. Search engines saw any inbound link to a website as an authorization to that website and pushed the website up in the search results. So webmasters started building links to drive traffic to their website. But there were some who took advantage of this by building as many links as possible without considering the type and the quality of the links. The techniques these webmasters followed can be called as “black-hat” SEO, some of those are listed below.

Catching this trend and in order to provide quality search results, search engines started to develop algorithms that can recognize poor backlinks and penalize websites which use black-hat techniques to build links. The algorithms were however not very successful in identifying out these websites completely.

But Google has recently released an algorithm update called Penguin 2.0, which is considered to be very smart compared to earlier versions. Now Google can get into the inner pages of the website and inspect the quality of the inbound and outbound links. This has made many webmasters wonder if link building works anymore.

Our view is definitely a Yes, link building works in the post penguin 2.0 era. You just have to be honest in building links. Here are the things which should find a place in your link building strategy.


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