Bangalore Aero Show - 2013 (Air Show) Review

I have been to the Bangalore Aero Show yesterday, after enjoying the show I decided to write a review because when I wanted to find things about the show I found very few sites with information about it. Let me give a detailed note about the show so that it would be helpful for the people planning to see that.

Things to Carry : 

  • Goggles

  • Umbrella or a cap

  • Water (If you cannot, you can buy water there)

  • Original Photo ID (Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, Pan Card, Aadhar or any other Government-issued ID)

Reaching Yelhanka Air Base :

Yelhanka airbase is around 10 kms from Hebbal junction, there would be special buses from Majestic bus station to the air show, on weekends. Bike or a car is also a decent option, but don't forget about the traffic jam you may encounter. Before reaching the airbase you will find boards guiding you to different gates, we choose gate 5 which has a very big parking space and also a big-ticket counter. You can choose a gate depending on the type of visitor you are(business or general). Parking is good in gate 5, you can park your vehicle at any place, but make sure it is not hindering others from taking their vehicle out. Parking is FREE.

Try to be there before 9.30 am so that you can avoid the huge crowd which you will surely face if you reach after 9.30 am

Getting Tickets:

There are three ways to get tickets 1. Axis bank 2.Online Registration 3. Over the counter at the air show. If you could get tickets at Axis bank, nothing like it. But from the other two options, prefer to get them over the counter at the air show, because even if you register online you have to stand in a big queue to get the tickets. Take cash with you to buy tickets, as the line for debit cards is a big one. They DO NOT accept credit cards. Carry a pen with you as you have to fill a registration form there.

There are different types of tickets

Business Visitor Ticket Valid Form: February 6-8,2013Exhibition Area OnlyINR 2000/USD 35
General Visitor Ticket Valid Form: February 6-8,2013ADVA Area OnlyINR 400/USD 15
General Visitor Ticket Valid Form : February 9-10,2013ADVA Area OnlyINR 500/USD 20
General Visitor Ticket Valid Form : February 9-10,2013Exhibition Area OnlyINR 1000/USD 30

ADVA: Air Display Viewing Area

If you take Rs.1000 ticket you will be able to see the exhibition and also the air show.

Once you buy the tickets you will find shuttle buses which will take you to the exhibition area.

The Air Show:

Shuttles will leave you at once side of the road, you have to walk for 5 mins to reach the actual exhibition area. You will have to show your ticket and ID at least 4 times before reaching the exhibition area. Once you reach the area you will find many halls with samples of flights exhibited. You will enjoy it, but not as much as the actual air show. You can wait to see these samples, proceed straight from those halls to find an area where you will see actual flights used in the defence. Look at the pictures below

Samples in the Halls


Actual Flights 

The air show starts at 10 am and goes on till 4 pm with half-an-hour to one-hour breaks in between. You will have to stand during the time of the air show which will last for at least 1.5 to 2 hours. You will find single flights, a group of 4 flights and helicopters entertaining you. But the most enjoyable is the group of flights. You will see them a couple of times. The flights sponsored by Red Bull are the best, they do some mind-blowing stunts which you will not be able to see anytime in your life unless you stay at the border of a country at the time of war.

Air Show


Facilities: You will find 7-8 Cafe Coffee Day stalls in the exhibition area which sell juice and water. You will also find restaurants in the exhibition area. Toilets are at many places outside the actual exhibition.

Overall: You will get the value for your money if you have never been to any air show in your life. You will enjoy most of it.


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