Why blame?

Every day in some kind of discussions I hear many people saying "India or the society is like this just because of this politician" or "traffic is out of control just because of the traffic police " or "corruption mantled to all the departments because there is no one to control". But I always feel that this is not the right way to deal with the problems we are facing. It's almost inexorable people from blaming others.

Let me elucidate this with some examples. We often see people bribing traffic police because they don't possess all the documents required, to drive a vehicle, at the time of checking. Whom should we blame, in this case, the traffic police or the person who offered him a bribe? Is it so hard to carry the required documents? If they don't have the documents they are happy to offer a bribe of Rs.50 or Rs.100 instead of paying a fine of Rs.250 or Rs.300. The same people harangue when it comes to a topic like corruption.

One more example of the same is at the time of getting driving licenses. People feel very proud to have a license when they actually don't know how to drive. What will they do with the license when they are not going to drive. When I ask this question, the answer would "I may need it sometime in the future". Then why the hell you want to get a license now by bribing the officials, can't you get a license when you need it by taking the driving test?

There are many who often say that others don't have driving sense. Those people who point fingers at others will jump signals, drives in whatever lanes he wants to, keeps honking when it is not at all necessary. People are ready to give health tips to others, but they can have the most indisciplined way of eating. They are ready to give an hour lecture on how to work, but they can relax all day.

Blaming others and giving unnecessary suggestions is very easy, but we have to check ourselves before pointing fingers at others. I am not against someone who gives tips or suggestions, but they have to deserve to be in that position. You have to be the change you want to see in the world.


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