Rahul Dravid - The Cricket Genius

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I was 12 years old when I started watching cricket. Before that I use to get angry at anyone who watch cricket thwarting me from watching entertainment channels. When I started watching cricket Sachin Tendulkar was on the verge of becoming demigod and Rahul was an amateur, showing his determination to play for the country for a reasonably long period. I have been watching his batting since then. It has a class and perfection that can make any bowler enjoy bowling to this gentleman of cricket.

If we take the list of best cricketers ever produced, Rahul Dravid will definitely find a place in that. Any plaudit is small to explain about this great team player. I don't think there would be any player who keeps the wicket, who opens the innings and who bats according to the situation just for the team's sake. Rahul is definitely remembered for generations. He is a true role model for anyone who is tenacious to achieve something in their life.

I am very happy that he announced his retirement in a dignified manner. But a fanatic in me was crying watching him announcing the retirement. People often compare Rahul with Sachin, but both of 'em are legends in their own way. I rate both of them the same in the way they conducted themselves on and off the field and the consistency they showed for over two decades. It's definitely an end of a golden era in test cricket. I don't think I will watch test cricket for eons unless Indian team finds a replacement for Dravid, which is impossible. With this, I wish him all the best for his future and thanks for giving us wonderful memories. We always love you!

"it would be better-watching footage of how Brian Lara and Rahul Dravid dealt with the threat of spin to learn the art of playing spin" --- Graham Thorpe, the current England Cricket team batting coach, to his teammates.


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