Waiting Opportunity for Indian Postal Service !!

Hope it’s been long since most of you heard or used INDIAN POSTAL SERVICE. I am sure that most of you are oblivious about the post office near to the place you stay in. The postal department seems to be obsolete because of many reasons. First, emails and other modes of message transfer replaced physical letters. Second, service by this government may not be as good and as credible as that provided by private courier services.

As a person who deals with the Indian eCommerce market, I feel that the Indian postal Dept. has a very good opportunity waiting at their doorsteps. If they are tenacious enough to make use of this opportunity the authorities can change the face of this department. Indian eCommerce, which is growing at a rate of 35% a year, has to face many challenges from getting the order to delivering the product to the customer in a plausible time. The main challenge that can be broached about is the way eCommerce companies ship the product.

Most of the eCommerce companies depend on courier services like Bluedart, Aramex and DTDC, which according to me are a bit costly especially if we make use of Cash on Delivery service. To escape from paying the high amount I tried postal service for some shipments. After using that I realized that this government organization has to make the following improvements to thwart private courier companies from exploring the opportunity that the eCommerce companies provide them.

  • Higher authorities have to realize the potential that this organization has.

  • Define sorry redefine the organization’s mission statement, values and strategy planning.

  • Make employees understand the importance of the Mission statement, values, value of the customer and customer service.

  • Provide the facility of tracking all types of shipments. Because most of the shipment details are obscured from the time it is received by a postal department agent to the time it is delivered to the receiver.

  • Hire qualified employees and provide a pleasant environment to use the service.

  • If needed, invite private investments.

I don’t like to see the government organizations suffering from any debility that prevents them from providing a better service. Because these are some of the smaller things which can influence the development of our country.


  1. This is with ref to.
    Consignment no:R03909330
    dated:December 28, 2012
    Booking Office: Kozhencherry ,Kerala

    My name is Lavanya Sethi I had sent a courier through the DTDC Courier which contains my some important documents, which has still not been received at the desired destination. However the online DTDC tracking site shows in transit.
    When I contacted DTDC they informed me as follows "we regret to inform your goodself that despite of best of our concerned offices efforts, we were unsuccessful in tracing out your consignment and stands misplaced in transit/mention place, as confirmed from our Cochin Branch.
    I filed the complaint on Consumer Court site also but still not got any response.
    Please suggest a solution for the same.


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