Cricket World Cup in India !!

Hello everyone,

The greatest tournament of the cricketing world is going to unfold in three days. Celebrations are at their peak in the cricketing countries, especially in India, one of the hosts of 2011 Cricket World Cup. Teams are getting ready to clash in the biggest fight of their cricketing career, TV channels are getting ready to make large sums of money through advertising and big players in the business world are getting ready to bombard the viewers with their advertising messages.

As the count down starts, some strange, bombast and implausible calculations take their shape to work in favor of India winning the world cup. During the 2003 world cup, I read many articles saying India won the world cup in 1983 and after 20 years, in 2003, it is going to win the world cup. During the final match of the world cup, between India and Australia, it was said that Australia never won 17 matches (I am not sure about the number) continuously so India is going to win the final. When I come across these things I don't find any reason to stop laughing at the people who make those calculations.

But, I am sure that there will be big companies to bolster such statements. Because India, a country with 1.2 billion people, is a very large market and it is very easy for companies to grab a share of that. If people believe or at least hope India to win the world cup the TRP ratings of the channels will definitely increase. TRP ratings are related to the revenue generated, for the TV channels, through advertising and the sales of the companies offering the product or service. So all they need is Indians watching the world cup and Indians would watch that only they believe that India is going to do great in the world cup.

What ever the theories say and how ever the business people use those theories, I want to see India winning the world cup. After all, I am an Indian !!!


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