Clemson Indian Student Association

Hello everyone,

Now I will introduce CISA (Clemson Indian Student Association) to you. As the name indicates, this is an association for Indians studying at Clemson University. Before going to the responsibilities of this association, I have to explain about availability of transportation to Clemson.

Clemson is a small village(University town), it doesn't have airport. The nearest airport, Greenville-Spartanburg airport, is 45 miles away from Clemson. Freshers coming from India need pick up from that airport. CISA will provide pick ups for freshers from that airport and also provide temporary accommodation for them. This is the most important responsibility of CISA. CISA assures the parents of the students that their children are in safe hands.
The other responsibilities of CISA include celebrating Indian festivals like Independence Day, Dussera, Diwali and Holi etc. Its like bringing India and Indian culture to Clemson.

I became the Vice-President of this association. My term if from May-2009 to May-2010. Got a chance to serve Indians and to prove my management ability.
President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Publicity Officer, Event Manager and Creative Head are the other important roles in the association.


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