Memoirs Of A Geisha

Hello everyone,

I don't have good command on English language. I thought reading books will definitely help me to improve my English.I searched in Google for top 100 books to read before you die.Then I came across a book named "Memoirs Of A Geisha" by Arthur Golden and I found that interesting.Completed reading that in 30 days, with many breaks in between.That book is amazing because, we don't realize, till the end, that the main character(Sayuri) in the book is an imaginary character.I also realized that we have one more advantage of reading books.You will get a sense of different countries and cultures.This book explains how a geisha's life is.By the way Geisha means, One of a class of professional women in Japan trained from girlhood in conversation, dancing, and singing in order to entertain professional or social gatherings of men.I came across terms like Gion, Okiya, Kimono, Obi, Danna and many more.
With that inspiration I am going to start on more book i.e., The Devil's Footprints by John Burnside. Let's see how many days I will take to complete this :)


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