This one is about Tega Industries
  • In April 1979, Tega was unable to pay its employees on the due.So Madan Mohanka(Founder) did not go to office.Noticing his low mood, his wife asked what the matter was. Madan told her about the company's financial difficulty and also that he believed these were of a temporary nature.On hearing this, she offered him her LIC policy and her wedding jewellery.He says " the world may have seem to have ended but if you have the support of your family, you can always make a new beginning.
  • Tega is very big company now.Madan Mohanka,even after these many years, he still works for 18 hours a day.
Sunil Handa(Founder of Eklavya Education Foundation)
  • I will not blame the situation, I will not blame the weather, I will not blame the government policy. I will not say my parents did this to me. I will say, this has happened I have to take action, and I have to take responsibility. If something good, I must pat myself, If something bad, I must love myself. I am the reason for my success of my failure, not the environment or anything else.
  • Luck is very important-it is 50%. But the luck will not come unless you put in the effort and in the effort, a very important element according to me is a daily review of what I am doing, where am I gooing and being ruthlessly honest with yourself. Most people blame the environment.... My belief is I CAN CHANGE.
Deep Kalra(Founder of
  • Don't focus too much on exits(especially not too early in the game). Concentrate on building a solid business, the rest will take care of itself.
Nirmal Jain(Founder of India Infoline)
  • You always run a risk, it's a game of probabilities. You have to be sporting.. however good you are, you may get out for a duck
  • Entrepreneurship is risky. So you should have a mindset, should be prepared to fail. If you are not prepared to fail and can't handle failure then this not your cup of tea. As late as 2003, we were prepared to lose everything and give up and start once again on our own.
Vikram Talwar(Founder of EXL Service)
  • It has to be inner drive to succeed in what your objective is. And it cannot be money in my mind. If you want to get into entrepreneurship to make money. I don't think you will be successful.
Raghavendra Rao(Founder of Orchid Pharma)
  • There is no point in merely saying we are all a family. We have to believe it, we have to show it, we have to behave, we have to walk the talk.


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