Jerry Rao(Founder of Mphasis)
  • When you are in growth phase, it is better to take that gamble than try and recruit senior people. Try and recruit people at middle level, and grow them. Do not try and get the senior sales person who is going to solve all your problems. Usually that doesn't work. It didn't work for us.
  • You can't postpone your whole life to the future. People who are endlessly planning for their retirement are stupid. You could die tomorrow. There is no point in planning for retirement and saying "when I retire, I will do something".

Ruby Ashraf(Founder of Precious Formals)

  • As an entrepreneur you don't say that 'I have to reach a particular place in five years.' You just keep doing whatever you are doing. You have plans, you have goals, you know a strategy. But still one doesn't even anticipate that so much work will be done.. you just keep doing it."
  • There is not one formula to be successful, everyone who is successful has gone through failures in the process. It depends upon how hard we kick that failure and learn from it and take up the challenge stronger to be successful.

Deepta Rangarajan(Founder of IRIS)

  • I would say a couple of things.It is so true working for a while really makes so much of difference before you start your own enterprise. It doesn't matter where you work.When you actually work and you deal with nuances of day to day situations, decision making and dealing with people, you imbibe a knowledge which is really helpful when you start being an entrepreneur basically.


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