Let's Do Something !!!


Everyone, in their life time, would have helped to many people.Helping without expecting anything from others.Social service is what I am about to say.Many people do this in many ways.There are many big organizations in the world under the name of doing social service.Many of you might have heard about Gates Foundations.I think that is the biggest organization for social service.I understood the satisfaction that people get by helping others.Even I was pretty much satisfied and happy when I helped some people.Let me tell you what we did.

One of my friends Sasi Kranthi came with an idea of helping to a School for Physically Handicapped.Then immediately we,a group of friends supported that idea.Everyone contributed as much as they can and we sponsored things like books and shoes etc.We went to that school and spent some time with the children and everyone of us was very happy to do so.All the credit goes to Sasi Kranthi,from whom most of the contribution came for this.

I realized that there are many ways to help people.Whatever your contribution is, you have to be ahead to help people.Two days back I came to know that there are people who give 15% of their salary to charity and people who contribute one day salary to help people,thinking that they are working without any salary for one day.The reason behind saying this is that there are many people who say that if I get Rs.2 crores I'll do something for poor.Some say that I will help people when I become a politician.Once my friend told me that "You don't need to be a politician or a rich person to help people".What my friend said is true.

Actually no one can insist others to help people.He may be the richest in the world,but it depends on that person whether to help or not.But I feel that its the responsibility of everyone to do something for people around them.


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