Live Today !!!


If I ask anyone in this world "Are You Happy"? If I am not wrong the answer is “NO”. Just imagine a day 5 years ago. For example, People doing their engineering will think that they will be happy if they get a job. Students preparing for GRE will think that they will be happy if they go to US. Now if you ask a person doing MS or a person doing a job if they are happy, they don’t say that they are happy. Because, the target they need to achieve in order to be happy will change from time to time. A person doing MS will say that he will be happy if he gets a job in US,a person doing job in US will say that he will be happy only if he save some amount of money. After saving some amount he says he will be happy if he buy a house back in their home country.

Just observe the flow; everyone thinks of what to do to be happy, but no one realize that he is missing today chasing tomorrow’s happiness. Majority of the people measure happiness with the money they possess. They think that the happiest guy in the world is Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. But, that’s not true. Everyone in this world have their own problems, happiness depends on the lens you use to see your problems.

Live in a way that this is your last day.



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