Dollars at the stake of Happiness


As I told you earlier,its been 1.5 years since I came to US.I met many people and I observed many things.I saw people who say that "you can get anything and you can live happily in USA"."If you get money in dollars you can get anything","you can't get this quality of life in India".

If people come to US and stay for one year their attitude towards India changes in both ways i.e., positively and negatively.If peoples attitude is negative,then some of the comments you can here from them are

  • India is a garbage
  • You can't get anything easily in India
  • India is the most corrupted country in the world
  • All the politicians in India are corrupted
  • You can't get branded clothes in India
  • If you have dollars you can do anything
Let me explain this : 
One of my friends came to US one year back to a very normal university.Recently he had a trip to India.When he was there he says India is not neat,its very polluted,its very conjusted,India never develops and he was not able to eat in normal Indian restaurants.
I know the family he came from and the quality of life he had in India.I don't think people need to change in such a way that they forget their own roots.

To be honest, yes the quality of life in USA is better that Indian life.
Is there happiness for an Indian living in America ?? NO
Is there flexibility in American life ?? NO

You can enjoy a Mercedes Benz here, but there is no one who cares what you are driving.Because everyone can drive that in USA.People come here thinking that they can save money here and when they go back to India they can have a secured life.But people here can hardly save $2000 a month. People don't realize that they are missing a wonderful life in India because of their dreams for dollars.You don't have friends with whom you can share everything and you don't have your parents here who support you in everything you do in your life.If you are in USA you never feel that you are in your own place.If you want to go to your home, you have to plan for one year.You have to calculate your expenses and you can go only once in 1 or 2 years.
For me,personally,I can't be happy in any place without my family and friends.
I know many people staying here have their own economical constraints.They always try to go back to India.I am not against people who come to US and earn.But I am against people who come to US and see only the negative side in India.
"Don't forget the place which left sweet memories in your life's diary"


  1. Wonderful... shows ur respect towards ur country parents and frnz... by d way...whoz dat frnd ;)


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