India @ One and Half Year

Making my way to India after one and half year.This is the moment I am eagerly waiting from the day I landed in US.Carrying lot of emotions to India with me.This one and half year is a valuable and toughest experience in my life.That gave me confidence to face any kind of problems in my life.

Met different kinds of people in different places(Chicago, Texas, Greenville and Clemson).I met people in Chicago,who are great in one or the other way.Even though I hardly know them before coming here, they helped me a lot.I learned many lessons from them.


Friends are the people with whom we can enjoy to the maximum.I had friends in Chicago,but we hardly had time to enjoy.After coming to Clemson I am able to enjoy and I am able to have good time.

I am going to spend only 20 days in India. I am happy because I am going to spend time with my parents. I am ready to go even if I need to stay there only for 10 days.People staying in US,whatever they are doing here, they have to go and see their parents.Because, parents will be waiting eagerly to see their children.I know, many people will feel that eagerness when they are talking to their mother on phone.

Yesterday I had conversation with my friend.

Chris : I will ask you what you feel about India, as you are going from US.Because these two countries are quite different.

Me : Ya sure, I saw many people who don’t like India after going back from US.They get used to the life here.

Chris : Life in these countries is almost opposite. So I want to ask you.

Me: Please ask me that question.Whatever it is I like India and I want to say the same thing.

That’s a nice discussion.Anyway I am going to India on 9th Dec,2009 and I am going to have a very very very good time there.


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