I have two best friends,who will stay with me life long.Our friendship started during school .People who become friends in school days will be friends for a very long time.Because the boundaries for the comfort zone stays more in length.People can actually suggest the other one even in most personal issues.They can share everything,they can do anything for the other one. I don't say that they will die for each other,but they can stay together and support the other one till the end.At one point of time, I believed that friendships lasts forever only if it starts in childhood.After certain age our EGO overtakes the value we give to friendship.So our comfort zone becomes much smaller and no one can enter into that.
But,one of my friend made me to change that opinion.Our friendship started at the age of 20 and we believe that it will be forever.The beauty of our friendship is, we don't talk all the time and we meet very rarely yet we are the best of friends..


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