Research In Indian Universities

Its been eleven months since I landed in US.In this span of eleven months I observed many differences between United States Of America and India.Always one question comes into my mind,What are the things needed to happen for its development?I started my MBA in Illinois Institute of Technology,Chicago and then I changed to Clemson University.Before getting transferred, I have gone through the details of many universities.Then I came to know that almost all the universities in USA have their major portion of budget in research.Many of the professors have grants to do research on their specific fields.In India,I never saw any of the engineering colleges having their contribution to research work.Their may be some universities which have research facility but, most of the good colleges don't have anything like that.Actually speaking India should invest more into research because there are many people who can do wonders.An engineering graduate in India he is hardly going to gain any knowledge in his specialisation.I may be wrong as far as computer science students are concerned but not definitely in the case of other specialisations.We have many streams like electronics,electrical,mechanical,civil and chemical etc.Research at the graduation level in different fields is very important.There are many Indians students who succeeded in the part of research they did in USA.If Indian colleges provide good research facilities then there is no need for these masters to go to other countries.If Indian government start taking steps in the direction of investing in research work,Indians are going to show that they are capable to doing anything.


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