Sorry Sachin !!!

I want to say SORRY to Sachin Tendulkar.....
One week back, I was thinking of poor children and orphans in India.India is a country with maximum number of millinoires in the world,no one is helping them. Suddenly our Mastreo,God Of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar tapped the door of my thoughts.The name Sachin occupied a major portion in my thoughts even though there are many other millionires in India.Everyone know what sachin is,a cricketing legend,second best batsmen in the history of world cricket.Besides this,as a person sachin is down to earth and helpful in nature.I got a question why Sachin is not doing anything for these children? I thought Sachin proved as a batsmen that he is great but not as human.After two days I came to know that Sachin is already taking care of 200 poor children and now he took 200 children and sponsoring their education.Then I felt that I am wrong in the way I perceived Sachin's attitude.Now I don't have words to say about Sachin.Legend,Mastreo looks to be very small to address this kind hearted great Indian player.
How many millionaires in India are ready to contribute for the society.

This is not only for millionaires but for everyone.There are many people in India desperately looking for a helping hand.Contribute whatever you can and make India a better place to live.


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