Uru Swati Indian Restaurant

This image is of a restaurant in Chicago.Its name is URU SWATHI located in Devon Street.I will rank it as the best Indian restaurant in Chicago.I had been there for two times.One of my friend suggested me to go there.I went along with him.I ordered Paper Masala Dosa,Sev Puri,Vada Pav and Rose Faluda.Among those for Sev Puri and Rose Faluda I will give 10 out 10.I went again and had the same things.I can't explain the taste,its just mouth watering.

One can get North Indian and South Indian dishes in that restaurant.The prices are very reasonable.I suggest everyone to visit that restaurant once.Automatically they themselves go for the next time.In US I am missing Indian food.Whenever I want to have good Indian food I go to this restaurant.


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