When I go to my hometown in India,If anyone ask me "Are you missing anything in US ?".Then my answer will be "Subway".This is my favourite store in USA.They make sandwiches depending on our taste.They provide choice of bread, vegetables, turkey, cheese, beef, chicken breast and sauces.We can ask them to prepare our sandwich as we want.They make sandwiches of sizes 6 inches and footlong.I like subway sandwich alot.Whenever I go to subway my choice will be always same i.e., 6 inch Veggie Delite on Honey Oat bread.honey Mustard,Sweet Onion and Ranch are the sauces which I prefer.We can find a subway in every street of Chicago and some of them are under Indian franchisee.Acutally one year back I visited subway in Chennai but I didn't like that at all.After having sandwich here in US I like that alot.Then I came to know that we have to take care of how the sandwich is made.With our choice of preparation it will be good.I have this sandwich atleast once in a week.We get some coupons along with our daily newspaper.If we find coupons of subway for buy one get one free in our newspaper that is oscar award for me and my roommates.


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