Garret Popcorn

Once me and my friend were walking through Jackson street,Chicago,then we observed a popcorn shop named Garret.First we were actually suprised because,in India we never found a shop exclusively for popcorn and that too with a brand name.We went into that and found some flavors of popcorn.Flavours like cheese popcorn,buttery popcorn and caramel crisp etc.I love chocolates so I took caramel crisp flavour.Taste of that caramel crisp is excellent and that is the flavour which became my favourite.Now I visit Garret popcorn once in a fortnight.I wanted to know the history of Garret so I did little research.Then I came to know that Garret popcorn is there from 1949.Initially its a family owned business and now a company bought that.Now they have branches in Chicago and also in New York.They deliver popcorn anywhere in US.


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