Chicago Auto Show - 2009

Whenever I hear that an auto show was held in some places like New York or London I felt very sad as I was unable to go there.But this time I am lucky to go to an auto show.This time it happened in the place where I am staying i.e., Chicago.When I came to know that auto show is going to be held in Chicago,I decided that I have to go there.I went to that on February 14,2009. There are many companies participated in that show,some of them are...

Lincoln,Ford,BMW,Audi,Mercedes,Suzuki,Hyundai,Toyota,Nissan,Lexus,Dodge,Chrysler,Mercury Honda,Chevrolet,Jaguar,Hummer,Mazda,Lamborghini,KIA,Escalade,Acura,Infiniti,Mitsubishi

This is fantastic car STINGRAY

World's best sports car Lamborghini

This is from BMW

This car is from Audi....

This car is like our TATA NANO.. Made by SMART

This is a sports car from Acura

This wonderful car was made by Mitsubishi Motors

This is one of the different types of cars in the show.This is from Suzuki

This is the clear image of the robot made out of the parts of Chevrolet car.

This is one of the car made by Chevrolet.See the Robot behind the car.It was made using all the parts of this car


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